Here's what I know :

Born As: Mirian Soto
Date Of Birth: March 27, 1967
Place Of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA

    How did Mirian become Talisa?   "she was given a nickname "Lisa" where she once worked. Apparently she was forever hearing, "Tell Lisa to do ...."   so she coined the name Talisa (Tell Lisa) ".

    She originally started out as a model. Believe it or not she was actually rejected (what were they thinking!!)  by Ford and some other agency   for being too ethnic!?  Luckily she did get signed on by Click and once that happened (of course)  the other 2 agencies were begging to sign her on. Anyways that info I got from her  appearance on the Wayans Show.

She was once married to Austrailian actor Costas Mandylor. From what I hear they divorced in 2000. Now she's married to Benjamin Bratt. They met on the set of Pinero.